The time for 8-hour jobs has long passed. It is getting easier to set-up businesses with low costs these days than ever before – all thanks to the digitally evolving business landscape.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas that will get the ball rolling!

Business Idea's
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Blog Writing

Setting up a blog and writing about what thrills you most – it could not get more gratifying than this. You can now convert your passion and hobby into something that earns money for you. Be it space travel or nail art – the world has many fans of the same thing.

Advertising through the blog and affiliate marketing are the way to go – earn as you write – write as you enjoy!

Poshmark example

The main costs are less than $100 – with setting up a website, domain and working towards setting up the area of your expertise – your unique proposition. Many success stories are now millionaires who started their blogs from just conversation starters.

How blogs can make money:

  • Display ads (also called banner ads)
  • Affiliate marketing; selling someone else’s product for a commission
  • Sponsorships
  • Selling an online course or ebook

What you need to get started:

  • Domain name and hosting (we recommend Hostinger)
  • A topic area you are comfortable with
  • Good writing skills
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YouTube Channels

For those of you who have a comfort with the camera and love talking – this could be a great way to earn money. Sponsorships and advertisements can be after you if you appeal to their target audience.

Creativity and authenticity is the key to making it on YouTube. This could make you money and make you into a celebrity – what’s not love!

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How you tube can make money:

  • Ads (before, during, and/or after video)
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate marketing

What you need to get started:

Your smartphone camera

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Online Knowledge Courses

If you are good at something that can be converted into a lesson – don’t wait! There are many people hunting for the one stop solution for learning a new topic or skill which would cost them a lot of time and money.

Designing and setting up a course is a one-time effort and can sell multiple times. The course, though it may sound very intellectual, can be about anything. Starting up a guitar lesson, marriage advise or even simple math algebra – anything can sell as long as it is complete and makes sense.

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You will need an audience and visitor . Most popular methods:

  • Grow an audience via free content on social media
  • Grow an audience via search engine traffic
  • Running ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

Become an Influencer

The jazziest celebrities of this time are influencers. They are that one-man show that was fabled. Not only do they create original content, promote products and usage methods – they create a niche for themselves that makes them authorities for advice.

Instagram, twitter and Tik Tok have seen many strange topics come to popularity and acceptance tagging with them several services and products.

Example of Nearly Newlywed website

Flipping digital websites

Business landscapes are getting stranger as we go. Real estate has been flipped since a long time. People buy homes – dazzle them up and sell them for a profit. This has now phased into the digital arena.

If you have blogging experience, this is the organic next step. Buying a blog with potential and taking it to the next level can carry the value of selling it for a substantial profit. Having previous blogging experience is a must for this business hustle.

Some popular marketplaces for buying and selling blogs:

  • Flippa, many listings to choose from, usually on the smaller side (<$50,000)
  • Empire Flippers, typically for more established sites and more expensive
  • MotionInvest more service orietated
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Over time the speed at which content is being churned – the faith readers have on the quality and accuracy has declined. This is especially true for free content aimed towards advertising. A readers researching for a purchase can dragged into brag-posts that do not do much to make an informed purchase.

Setting up a website that has subscribers who actually pay for the top quality content can be a fabulous way to make money. This would be essentially successful once the momentum of quality content is sustained. Imagine reading content is high in quality and free of ads – just for a little money – such a bliss!



Much as this section would be skewed to the writer’s own bias – it is actually a great way to establish a greater business. Many website owners do not have the time or even the quality of writing expertise. So they outsource the blog writing and web content.

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Outsourcing principals

This outsourcing of writing content creates jobs for writers. It is better to define a unique area of expertise for which you would sell your writing. Landing jobs for freelance writing builds over time but can result in a sustainable business.

Once the process of establishing momentum and worth is over – then high paying bigger clients come rolling in. There are many success stories strewn across the digital pages of writers who have made a prime living from writing. Take some skill and a great eye for the trends in your field of choice to write content that is original and authentic – this is the absolute mantra of success in this business.


Online advertising through social media is the bread and butter of modern advertisers. Although large firms exit to cater to large businesses. The same could be true for the smaller local businesses looking to expand. The local bar, restaurant, grocer or dressmaker might be looking to expand their business.

Working as a Facebook Advertising specialist – you could be the answer. Managing Facebook ads for the local business would not require any investment. A payment platform and a Facebook profile would be enough. The best thing about this business idea is that this would not require more than 4 hours a day – so as a side hustle – a perfect solution!

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If you have a sound aesthetic and creative mind – this is your calling. A software or two – some practise and can set you up for a business that you can run at your own pace and time.

Businesses need the designs but very few have the eye for it. If you have that artistic streak in you – worth exploring!

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Imagining having a job where you offer the services you are best at – as an e=assistant to a business! A hobby becoming your job.

In these times when working remotely is becoming the new normal – businesses need a lot of help and what you are good at just might that something they are looking for.

trying freelance writing

Design, web content development, proofreading or even juggling and managing meetings and calendars – anything at all! You should be great at what you do and market that well – rest it just building your portfolio and experience.

The bottom line is there are many opportunities out there – just think along the lines of harnessing your strengths for the people who need it most. Social media is a platform available and accessible to everyone – build a brand and begin!

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