Desperate for a career change? A lot of people can relate.

No matter what reasons you have for wanting to become your own boss, you don’t have to feel intimidated if you lack entrepreneurial experience.

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One in three Americans is a freelancer. Earning a steady income by working remotely has become attainable for more workers than ever before because there is an increasing demand for products and services meeting the individualized needs of customers.

This shift in customer expectations may help you monetize your skills as a small business entrepreneur.

If you deem your idea profitable after identifying your portable skills and market demand, you can begin a business plan and set your hours of availability.

Whether you need to update the technology needed for your new job will depend on what you would like to specialize in. Here are some ideas to get into the game of entrepreneurship on a smaller scale.

Virtual assistant

Indeed reports a median salary of $19.42 per hour for virtual assistants, becoming a remote administrative assistant could be even more lucrative than this estimate.

Motivated virtual assistants can steadily grow their business to earn high figures by remotely managing business schedules and completing tasks such as data entry.

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Social media manager

Being a social media manager is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door as a new entrepreneur. After all, almost everyone has some level of experience with social media and you wouldn’t need to learn a lot of extra skills. With great time management skills and some effort, you could make some money by managing company accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

A recent article on Forbes confirms that social media managers are sought after because many companies need a whole support team for effective advertisement on social media platforms. Social media account management is no longer a one-man job due to having to keep up with current trends and a larger demand.

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Facebook ads manager

Speaking of social media, Facebook ads managers can also earn a considerable amount. An ads manager’s job mainly requires skills to create ads on Facebook and monitor their performance.

There are courses offered on how to navigate Facebook ads and how to analyze their data.

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Email marketing specialist

If you’re more inclined toward email communication, you could lead email marketing campaigns for companies as an email marketing specialist which pays a median rate of $27 per hour, according to Salary Expert.

This job requires the management of email lists as well as designing, editing, and proofreading marketing emails and press releases for the company.

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Blog writer

Are you a talented writer? Not only is blog writing a lucrative career choice but it also allows you to share your thoughts with the world.

Although pay rates greatly vary for blogging, Indeed reports the annual median salary as $50,000+.

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Freelance writer

Besides blog writing, writing in general provides a wide array of opportunities including but not limited to working for websites, magazines, journals, newspapers, or business entities.

According to, the average hourly rate is $24.27 for freelance writers.


Freelance resume writer and editor

Resume writing has an even higher earning potential than freelance writing in general because specialized experience and skills are indispensable for it.

If you have HR experience, this might be the right gig for you.

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If you have an eagle eye for punctuation, spelling, and grammar, you could become a proofreader of ebooks, print media, blogs, academic papers, legal transcripts, or business documents.

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Low-content ebook editor

Are you aware that blank notebooks, planners, journals, and coloring books are in-demand products? Low-content ebook editing is a profitable and useful skill.

You don’t necessarily have to write a full-scale book to sell your products on Etsy, Amazon, or your own website. Expert skills aren’t required for low-content products thanks to free design programs such as Canva.

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SEO consultant

Last but not least, SEO consulting is also a career to consider. Companies hire SEO consultants to comb through their website content for keywords that search engines like Google or Yahoo use. Understanding how search engines work is a must for this job.

Search engine optimization helps companies gain more online visibility for boosting their sales by creating more targeted search engine traffic. Employment websites such as Ziprecruiter claim there is an annual median earning potential close to $60,000 for freelance SEO consultants.

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