Flipping flip-flops is more than just a craze. Whole companies are built online solely (pun intended) on selling shoes and clothes online. So the question is how to sell shoes online and make money.

Do you sell them for cash? Do they have to be new? What is the best site to sell shoes online? Let’s look at what makes someone successful at selling shoes in 2022.

Best Places to Sell Shoes
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How To Sell Used Shoes

Let’s start with the sales of used shoes. Not those battered pumps you found behind work. You can sell slightly worn, lightly repaired shoes online. You can also sell custom-designed ones using apps and companies like Printable.

With used shoes, Etsy, Shopify, and Facebook Groups are your best bet for sales. Just make sure you are upfront with every scuff, imperfection, and off-print that the shoes have.

How To Sell Used Shoes example

eBay is a Sea of Shoe Sales

Having been one of the first-ever online sales websites, eBay is one of the most reliable ways to sell shoes for free. You take pictures of your footwear, post the pic with the price and wait. The fees Ebay charges are reasonable. The main thing to be wary of is that customers can get cold feet. That means having to re-list your item(s). At least you will get your fees back if that happens.

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Selling Your Sole

-A quick word on selling your shoes used or otherwise.

With the advent of COVID-19 to our already germ-ridden lives, please disinfect all materials you ship, process, and sell.

The last thing someone wants is to receive a pair of kicks they got at a steal and they have a big coffee stain or got waterlogged. Be honest in what you sell and take care when packaging and preparing the shoes you sell.

Selling Your Sole

Sell Shoes on Etsy

Etsy is an amazing place for micro-niche marketing. It also doesn’t have a pre-packaged prerequisite for what you can list. So if you have a pair of Air Force Supremes but no box, no problem. List it with plenty of photos and maybe a video and, you should sell them in no time.

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Heeling Through Shopify

Shopify may charge a premium and have additional fees, but it does have an incredible, powerful storefront tool for selling shoes right out of the gate. Easy to learn and utilize a massive assortment of features. Anyone can build a front-end store that’s a niche boutique or boot warehouse in minutes.

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Facebook Groups are a Shoe-In

Not only are Facebook groups free and connected to many other marketplaces, but they also interconnect with all your acquaintances and networking circles if you decide. This is great because, at no cost to you, those Uggs are now on their way to your little cousin oversees. You can also pay for Facebook ads if you want your message to hit a more general stream and a broader audience.

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Sales Abound on Craigslist

Since its inception, Craigslist can help you sell almost anything. Connecting people to nearby others who want their goods. In the case of shoes, be honest about your listing. Always meet your customer in a secure, public, well-lit place.

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This Will Get Your GOAT

As far as shoe marketplaces go, GOAT may be the best. There are two reasons. First, you have to go through an application process. That means fewer scammers trying to sell shoes online that may not be whom they claim.

Second, when an order comes in, you ship your shoes to GOAT headquarters to be inspected, approved, and then shipped. This ensures a quality product every time.

GOAT is five dollars to sign up in the US and 12-20 dollars for most other places in Europe and the world.

GOAT example


In the style of alternative sales options, Flyp is one of the more interesting. You are connected, upon joining, with a professional article sales consultant. Someone whose purpose is to get your things sold fast. They also want to fetch the highest price for you. Why? The other side is that they take a cut you agree to.

The sales consultants at Flyp are wonderful professionals. They take expert photos, write detailed notes about your listing and keep you in the loop of everything. Even via mobile. They also inspect your shoe pair to be sure it’s ready for someone else to wear.

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Tradesy and it’s Done

This site makes it easy to sell shoes. When they are designer and high fashion. There is a flat fee for any item, once it’s sold, under $50. There’s a percentage if it’s over $50. Tradesy will send you a pre-paid shoe ship package.

No obligation. They handle any buyer’s remorse returns for you without reclaiming your earnings. Also, they offer a multitude of ways to get paid. Sometimes there is a hold of a week or more but not always.

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A Double-Edged Kick – Kixify

If it’s a high-end, hard-to-find pair of Pumas you are looking to sell, Kixify is a revolutionary marketplace for shoe selling. It is fully capable of Paypal payment and takes less than a 10% commission fee.

It can be an intimidating platform for casual users. Tasks like refunds, or customer requests, are handled by you. The setup of the shop policy is up to you.

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OfferUp, Laces out

OfferUp is similar to the Craigslist app. You can sell anything from lamps to dishes. OfferUp is quickly getting a reputation for shoe selling online. In particular, women’s shoes.

As with Craigslist, the platform makes it very easy to find local people who will happily exchange your shoes for cash. In some cases, swapping for other items can be done. So you get more than just money.


Kijiji Sells Kicks

Kijiji has been trusted for years by thousands of people to sell online. Listing can be done quickly. After a quick, painless, and free sign-up service. A simple picture upload, description, and away you go. Be safe meeting up and obey COVID-19 restrictions.


Reddit Even if the Shoes are Blue

Reddit is a free place to sell shoes like Facebook Groups. The difference with Reddit is that you have to know what particular groups to target.

Also, if you haven’t been a member of Reddit groups, people might have a problem messaging you. The upsides are the part about it being free and that you keep all your earnings.

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One Foot in the Box

Whatever method you choose to sell your footwear, be sure to follow these three rules. One, list honestly. Don’t be a rip-off artist.

Two, be kind and patient when dealing with others. Three never offer to send anything without some kind of written agreement. Keep on selling and have fun. Shoe selling is an incredibly dynamic market to tap into.

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