In need of cash but can’t always fit a trip to the bank into your day? There are plenty of ways to withdraw cash using a debit card without setting foot in a bank.

These 12 stores will give you cash back fee-free when you make a purchase.

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How to get cash back with a debit card

Cash back with a debit card means withdrawing cash as part of a purchase at a store. Stores that give cash back are usually grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores.

When you’re completing a purchase at one of these stores, ask the cashier for cash back and they will add this to your purchase, handing you cash to the amount specified.

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Cash Back vs Cash Withdrawal

An important distinction to make is that the term “cash back” can also refer to getting a percentage back on your purchases when using an app that is linked to your debit card.

The following stores offer a fee-free cash withdrawal. When the cashier asks if you’d like cash back, they’ll be asking if you want to make a cash withdrawal. There are plenty of apps that can earn you a percentage back on your purchases.

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12 places to get cash back with a debit card

What places do cash back?

ATM places with cash back

ATMs are usually conveniently located and are an easy way to get cash back. While it may seem obvious to get cash out at an ATM, beware of fees for cash back.

Staying in-network will usually avoid any fees on cash withdrawals, but be sure to check for fees before you proceed.


Walmart stores offer free cash back up to $100 at the register and $60 at self-checkout. Cash back requests can only be made in increments of $20.


When using your debit card at Aldi you can get cash back of up to $100 per transaction with no fees. There are no other conditions, so Aldi is a great option if you need a specific amount back.

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Looking for more cash back per transaction? Vons offers fee-free cash back up to $200 on debit card purchases.

What gas station do cash back


Like most gas stations, Shell usually offers a cash back option however the withdrawal limit is very small and can be as low as $10. However, most gas stations will also have an ATM on site. Remember to use in-network ATMs to avoid extra fees.


Stores that offer cash back


Need to pick up a prescription? Walgreens offer cash back on purchases, but the withdrawal limit is just $20.


With convenient locations, Target is a convenient place to get cash back. However they only offer cash back up to $40, and only in $20 increments so you can’t get a smaller amount back.


With a withdrawal limit of $50 and no other conditions or increment requirements, Kmart is another convenient location to get free cash back.


At Costco you can get up to $60 cash back on your debit card, but you must be a Costco member to be eligible.

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Pros and Cons of getting cash back with a debit card


  • It’s quick and easy for cashback near me due to many places
  • No fee or very low fees
  • You don’t have to make an extra stop at a bank

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  • You need to make a purchase to get cash back
  • Some stores may require a minimum purchase amount
  • There are limits on cash withdrawals.

Cash Back Apps You Can Use with Your Debit Card

Dosh is an app, available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, that has an in-store cash back program. You can earn cash back when shopping in-store with retailers including:

Earn cashback by shopping at participating merchants with Dosh. Simply add a credit card to your account and start receiving points on qualifying purchases.

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If you’re already shopping at a store, cash back stores near me could be a handy option. It can be a great way to get cash back while you’re there. Remember to be aware of hidden fees, and don’t make a habit of buying things unnecessarily to get cash back – you’re better off finding an ATM.

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