Have you ever wondered how to complement your salary without the rigidity of a traditional part-time job?

Whether you want to start a side hustle, generate passive income, or make money fast, money-making apps are a reliable way of boosting your bank account while retaining some flexibility in your schedule.

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Still, with so many ways to make money online—including apps that pay you to walk and browse the web—finding the right app for your lifestyle can be daunting.

That’s why we’ve researched hundreds of apps, picked our top 17, and broke them down into four categories:

  • Side Hustle Apps
  • Cash Back Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Passive Income Apps

Side Hustle Apps

1. DoorDash

Use your car, bike, or scooter to deliver food from restaurants to customers in your community or even a city you’re visiting. Along with tips from customers, DoorDash provides a base salary and numerous rewards for its freelance “dashers.”

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2. Decluttr

Decluttr is an easy way to sell old or seldom-used technology in your home. From cell phones to CDs, Decluttr’s app offers instant valuations and allows you to ship items for free.

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3. Swagbucks

Turn your time online into a money-making gig. Swagbucks boasts several ways to make money fast including:

• Taking surveys for money

• Downloading apps and games on your device

• Using the Swagbucks search engine

• Earning cash back from online shopping

• Watching videos

• Referring friends to the app

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4. Turo

As the “world’s largest car-sharing marketplace,” Turo users pay to rent your car. Suitable for new entrepreneurs and infrequent drivers alike—and with an average annual income of $10,516 for one car—this app is a promising way to grow your bank account.

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5. Rover

Are you an animal lover? Rover is the best app for making money and meeting a bunch of furry friends at the same time. Set your own rates for walking or boarding pets and create an availability to complement your life.

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6. Instacart

As the largest online grocery service, Instacart employs shoppers to prepare orders and delivery workers to drop off completed orders at customer residences. Operating in all 50 states, you can make $10 to $15 an hour while working close to home.



7. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a cloud-based service that helps companies delegate small jobs to freelancers around the country. These gigs usually involve performing market research by taking pictures at nearby businesses and can pay up to $100.

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Cash Back Apps

8. Capital One Shopping

Working as an app on your phone (or extension on your browser), Capital One Shopping keeps track of your shopping and alerts you when a better price or coupon is available.

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9. Dosh

Earn cashback by shopping at participating merchants with Dosh. Simply add a credit card to your account and start receiving points on qualifying purchases.

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10. Ibotta

Ibotta, like Dosh, is a cashback app that offers rebates for specific purchases. However, unlike Dosh, Ibotta has partnerships with grocery and drug stores, granting you access to numerous potential money-saving deals.

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Lifestyle Apps

11. Mistplay

Ever dreamt about earning while you play games? With Mistplay, you can do just that. Discover recommended games and earn gift cards the longer you play. Unfortunately, this money-making app is Android only.

12. HealthyWage

Take the HealthyWage challenge and get paid to lose weight. Inspired by the concept that “money motivates,” this app literally rewards you for reaching fitness goals and inviting friends to join. Check out the prize calculator and see how much you could earn by getting in shape.

13. Evidation

Earn points for walking, meditating, and logging meals with Evidation. Although you can hardly make money fast here, Evidation syncs with your other fitness apps and generates money as you live a healthier life.

Passive Income Apps

14. Neighbor

Have any free space in your life? With Neighbor, your closet or basement can make passive income by hosting people’s stuff. Like Airbnb, but for belongings, you can talk to candidates and view their profiles before you accept their reservation.

15. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Simply download Nielsen’s app on your phone or computer and get paid $50 a year. In turn, the Nielson Panel collects and records your usage statistics anonymously without significantly affecting your device’s speed or storage.

16. Honeygain

Honeygain’s app works like the Nielsen Panel, assisting companies with marketing research by monitoring your browsing data. Yet, while Nielsen pays $50 a year, with Honeygain, you can make as much as $19 a month depending on internet speed and location.

17. Acorns

One of the better-known money-making apps, Acorns invests your spare change, or a portion of your paycheck, in diversified portfolios developed by financial experts. Although investing can seem overwhelming, this app is easy to use from the get-go and will improve your financial literacy over time.

Get Started!

The money-making application ecosystem is constantly innovating and improving. Even though these 17 apps barely scratch the surface, they represent the best online, part time job opportunities in this field to date.

Start earning now and register for some of these apps—your bank account will thank you!

Have any free space in your life? With Neighbor, your closet or basement can make passive income by hosting people’s stuff. Like Airbnb, but for belongings, you can talk to candidates and view their profiles before you accept their reservation.

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