Advertising companies are always trying to find new and exciting ways to get their images and names in front of their target market. Radio ads, billboards, even flyers generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue worldwide.

Now companies have started to wrap cars and other vehicles with custom signage so that you can be the next billboard on wheels.

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Another Approach to Modern Advertising

Getting in on car Advert Income

Companies don’t get to be mega-billionaire franchises by throwing away money. So if you want to have the right to advertise and make money with your car’s panels, you need to know a few key factors. Most companies have standard requirements.

These will be mileage per week, driving record, area of residence, and vehicle model. This article will look at some of the companies you can get started with right now.

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Cars. Advertising. Happily together as Carvertise. Our first option is out of Europe and has taken the world of wrapping for profit by storm.

Carevertise makes it incredibly easy to sign up and, all you need to do is get approved. The company will have your vehicle wrapped for you.

Extra Benefits of Carvertise

On top of choosing the number of campaigns you execute, you collect $100 per month in the form of direct deposit.

Also, they have added incentives like a bonus system where you get paid to loiter with your wrap displaying advertising in prominent places. It’s a great way to make semi-passive income.

Selling Your Sole

Semi-Passive Income

Semi-passive income merely means income where you do half or less of the work. In the case of car wrap advertising income, the work you do is the driving.

In the case of Carvertise for instance, they do the advertising, you do the positioning of the advertising.


Incorporating a more tech-based approach to the actual sign-up and drive app system is Wrapify. The app uses analytics to determine your popular driving routes and trips. From there, you choose from your campaign options after being approved, of course.

You can earn from $180 to as much as $460 a month driving as a mobile signpost. You can also select your campaign length between 1-3 months at a time. You can also cancel any time however, there is a fee for early cancellation.


Founded by entrepreneur Judah Longgear, Nickelytics is a company that relies on its reputation. Proven results and a flexible campaign structure make them a popular choice amongst car wrap earners.

You will be shipped a self-install kit, or coordinate with Nickelytics, to have the vehicle wrap installed by professionals.

Poshmark example

In-Depth Driver Sign up

When you sign up with Nickelytics, their questionnaire is more extensive than other companies. Drivers will need to surrender more information. Because of this, more companies are clamoring to deal with Nickelytics.

Since it has a great track record, Nickelytics is dominating the vehicular advertising world for both corporations and employed drivers. Meaning there is a constant increased number of campaigns drivers can choose from.

Scamming and Fraud

It is important to note that there is a lot of scamming and fraud in the world of vehicle wrap advertising. Carefully navigate the websites, user reviews, and customer service pages of any major car wrap provider you will find all the information you need to determine if working for them is valid and profitable or a terrible decision.

Here are some tips to find your way through scams and fraudsters.

Car Wraps Don’t Take Money

No reputable company will ask if you can give them money to cover the shipping on a self-install kit. They also don’t look for any down payment. Remember, they want you to want to drive for them.

This is going to profit them by people buying their clients’ products. That shouldn’t affect their bottom line if they are big enough to want to work with.

Amount of Information Required

The amount of information companies need to start you as a driver is detailed. It does have limitations. Insurance questions are a given as are things like address and banking information for payment. Never hand over your VIN or social security number. These are red flags.

Always read on the Website

Not only the information provided by the companies website but the site itself. Numerous companies failed to meet this article’s top three because of their website. If a site looks dated or doesn’t allow you to go back, it’s probably not a good idea to work with them. Check into the company and look for online reviews left by drivers.

Over the Phone

OfferUp is similar to the Craigslist app. You can sell anything from lamps to dishes. OfferUp is quickly getting a reputation for shoe selling online. In particular, women’s shoes.

As with Craigslist, the platform makes it very easy to find local people who will happily exchange your shoes for cash. In some cases, swapping for other items can be done. So you get more than just money.

Driver Tips

Drivers are vetted and have background checks run constantly for other forms of driving. Taxis, Uber, anyone operating a vehicle will undergo a background check.

Some multiple times a year. A driving abstract is usually mandatory on an annual basis as well. Therefore, would-be drivers should not assume these practices are out of the ordinary.

Don’t Speed for More Money

Not only is speeding dangerous and bad practice, but some companies also have GPS tracking built into their apps. If you constantly deviate from the specified course. or don’t hit certain waypoints at indicated times, it is usually grounds for dismissal or withholding of funds.

Some Lasting Advice

Before dismissing car wrap advertising as a viable side stream for your income, check out the sites for the companies mentioned here. You aren’t going to have ” Joe’s Fresh Fish ” in a big, ugly font on 100% of your ride.

Companies want you to roll around in the most popular and coolest spots showcasing their flashy logos and website addresses.

Keep your vehicle well maintained as a driver. The last thing anyone wants is you have to pay an early cancellation fee because your car is at the shop for a week.

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