There are thousands of stories about YouTube stars making an income some of us can only dream about. But they all had to start somewhere!

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Topics that Make Money on YouTube

It is important to choose a niche that you’re passionate about and can draw a loyal audience.

Try not to sway too far from your niche. Instead, stick with it and nail the content you produce for your target audience.

Product Reviews

You can review any product, really, but unless you can professionally discuss a product, it will be hard to gain an audience’s trust.

Stick to one product niche. This will allow your audience to understand what to expect from your channel.



Tutorials are online lessons that audiences follow along with. Again, some developed understanding of a niche will serve you well.

To figure out what you could teach people, consider:

Your educational background

The skills you have

Lessons have you learned from life

American COnsumer Opinion


Many YouTubers vlog alongside their other topics.

Just be interesting enough for people to want to hear about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Friends & Neighbors

How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money

Everyone can start a YouTube channel – it is as easy as clicking a button. Though not everyone can build and maintain an audience.

Step1: Create your YouTube Channel

To start, click the ‘create channel’ link and start filling out all the necessary details.

Your email address and channel name will be easy, but the header image and profile picture will need more work.

Make your channel look eye-catching. The profile picture and banner you choose will be your audience’s first impression of you.

Step 2: Decide on a strategy

Develop a plan on how you’re going to build your channel before you post that first video.

How your videos will look, how regularly you will upload and what you will include in your video descriptions will all influence the audience you attract.

Unsure where to start planning your strategy? Look at your favourite YouTube channels to get some ideas.

Step 3: Develop a method for creating and uploading videos

Make time to plan, shoot, edit and upload content. Develop a system that allows you to work effectively.

It will take some trial and error, but you will find a process that works for you and your channel.

Step 4: Adapt and revise

The YouTube analytics are forever changing. If your channel does not adapt to these changes, you will get lost in the sea of videos.

Keep an eye on what is popular or happening in the world around you and revise your content accordingly.


Ways to Earn Money from Your YouTube Channel

YouTube stars are successful because they take advantage of every money-making technique possible.


Once your channel has reached 1,000 subscribers, you qualify for Google AdSense.

You earn a small amount of money for every ad your audiences watch and more money for every ad interaction.

Ads will play before and sometimes during your videos, so the more people watch your videos, the better.

User Testing

Brandship partnerships and sponsorships

Brands that connect with your channel may reach out to offer a partnership once you have an established audience.

They will use your channel for their brand while you will get some money in return. So long as you meet the agreed requirements.

This may be talking about a certain deal for a few minutes during your video or talking about a certain topic.

Beta testing

Affiliate marketing

Brands could offer you a percentage of product sales if you make your audience buy their product.

Affiliate marketing often requires you to talk about a product first. Then you can leave links to the product under your videos and make a passive income.

Sell your own products and services

Loyal audiences may be eager to buy a piece of merchandise that represents you and your brand.

T-shirts, make-up collaborations, even apps. If you can make a quality product associated with your brand, your audience will be eager to buy it.

Ask for fan support

With hard work, you will gain an audience that wants you to succeed and will support your career.

Websites like Patreon allow fans to support you and get exclusive content in return.

Will You be the Next Million Dollar YouTuber?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and create your own YouTube channel and find the audience waiting for a channel like yours.

Follow the strategies we have outlined and perhaps you can turn YouTube into your income.

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