Every bride is on the search for the perfect wedding dress. But after the wedding, your wedding gown ends up sitting in a closet for the rest of your life. Did you know that you can sell your wedding gown to help recoup the cost?

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Last Updated: November 12

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There are several ways to sell your dress online. There are even many dresses specifically for wedding dresses. Many websites target brides looking for second-hand wedding items to save money.


Where To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Still White

Still White is the world’s largest preowned wedding dress marketplace. It is an easy-to-use app for both sellers and buyers. Still White boasts that they have over 52,000 dresses. It costs $20.00 per dress to list on Still White. That price includes four photos of your dress. The premium listing cost is $30.00, and you get eight pictures of your gown and a homepage. Still, white does not have a commission, and the buyer pays the shipping charges. You can either sell your dress online or meet in person. By meeting in person, the other person has the opportunity to try on the wedding dress.

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Tradesy is an online marketplace specializing in high-end luxury clothing, including wedding dresses. To list your dress on Tradesy, it needs to be in excellent condition. It is straightforward to create a listing on this app. You can set the price for the wedding dress as high or as low as you want. You can sell other accessories you have leftover from your weddings, like jewelry, shoes, and decorations.

Tradesy will give you suggestions on how to improve your listing.

They will also enhance your dress photos to help them stand out. Once the dress sells, you can print the pre-paid label and ship the dress using your own materials. There is no listing fee associated with Tradesy. They do ask for a 19.8% commission on sales over $50.00. The shipping varies depending on the price.

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Poshmark is where people can buy and sell men, women, and children’s clothing items. Some women even choose to sell their wedding gowns on Poshmark. First, you will want to create an account and a listing on the Poshmark app. Take quality pictures of your clothes and upload a description.

Set your price, which you can change at any time. You can even offer private discounts to interested sellers. Users can make counteroffers on Poshmark. You can create discounts for customers who bundle items or promote free shipping. If you do charge shipping, the buyer is responsible for paying.

Poshmark has a $2.95 fee for all sales less than $15.00. There is also a fee of 20% on sales of more than $15.00. Poshmark will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label and a pre-paid address label. All you have to do is drop off the package at the post office.

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Nearly Newlywed

Nearly Newlywed has a $25.00 listing fee and a high commission price of 40%. The shipping cost varies. A pre-paid label will be provided for dresses sold over $500.00. The shipping is the seller’s responsibility. Nearly Newlywed has a high commission fee, but they have a completely hassle-free experience. Simply submit info on your dress and add pictures. It can take up to two days for Nearly Newlywed to approve your listing. Once it is listed, Nearly Newlywed will handle all the payments. You send your gown to Nearly Newlywed first so they can inspect it.

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Preownedweddingdresses.com has a listing fee of $25.00 and no commission fee. Shipping varies. This website has been in operation since 2004. The staff help connect buyers and sellers of new and used wedding gowns. There is a one-time listing fee, and preownedweddingdresses.com says your dress should sell within 70 days. The website also has a calculator to help you estimate the cost of your dress.

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Wore it Once

Wore it Once has a listing fee of $20.00 and no commission costs. On Wore it Once, you can set up your own custom shop. You can sell your wedding dress and other wedding-related items. When listing a dress, you need to fill out a form with details like size, color, and style. Write a short description of the dress and then set your price. The listing will never expire.

Once Wed

Once Wed’s listing fee is $19.95 per dress. They have no commission costs, though, and their shipping varies depending on different factors. Once Wed helps brides find inspiration as well as wedding dresses. There is a marketplace on the app that sells second-hand dresses. They have been in business for over ten years! Your listing will be valid for one year. Once Wed offers its customers and sellers privacy protection, customer service, and email support.

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Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee has no listing fees and no commission. Besides selling second-hand wedding gowns, Wedding Bee also gives brides tips and tricks. They have DIY projects, days of recommendations, and dream wedding inspiration. The classifieds section is where you will find the used wedding gowns. Although it is free to list, you can purchase a feature ad. Set your price and communicate with potential buyers. The seller is responsible for shipping.

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Sell My Wedding Dress

Sell My Wedding Dress has two different listings, basic and premium. It is $19.99 to list your dress on the basic level and $29.99 on the premium level. There are no commission costs, and shipping prices vary. The premium level allows for a better placement. Your dress will stay up until it sells. You will need to fill out a standard form to sell your clothing on Sell My Wedding Dress.

Where to Sell Your Dress Locally?

If online marketplaces aren’t the places for you, then you will want to consider selling your dress locally at a consignment shop.


Craigslist can be used to sell anything, not just wedding-related items. The website does have a special section for wedding gowns. You will not have to pay a shipping fee or listing price with craigslist. Take the time to write a great description if you list your wedding dress on craigslist. It may take longer for you to sell your clothing on Craigslist. Buyers will try to haggle with you, so set your price with some wiggle room. Take incredible, detailed photos of your gown as well.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace isn’t just a place to sell wedding dresses. You can sell virtually anything through Facebook Marketplace. When posting your dress on Facebook Marketplace, take many detailed photos and set competitive prices for your wedding gown. There are no hidden fees when selling through this platform, but it may take longer for you to. Get a sale.

Local Wedding Consignment Shops

These shops specifically focus on selling wedding-related items. The downfall of using a local wedding consignment shop is that a lot of them will charge high commission fees. Sometimes they will charge 40% to 60% of the final sale price.

Local Wedding Consignment

Other handy tips

  1. Your dress must be in excellent condition. Ensure there are no tears, stains, or foul odors coming from the dress. Since the dress was likely worn only once, it should be in good condition.
  2. Include many photos of your wedding gown. Take any different angles. Take pictures of the dress on a hanger and include pictures of the dress on you. Show the details of the dress by taking up-close views. Provide relevant, honest information about the dress.
Poshmark example

How Much Can I Sell My Wedding Gown For Online?

Used dresses that are in excellent condition can sell for half the price of the original cost. Designer dresses may get you closer to 60% off. Many sites have estimation calculators to help you figure out how much you should list your dress.

How Long Will It Take to Sell My Wedding Gown?

There are many factors regarding how long it will take to sell your wedding dress. The popularity of the platform you choose to sell your dress will factor into how long it will take. It should take approximately 60-90 days to sell your wedding dress if it is no more than a couple of years old and in excellent condition. If the dress is not in demand or in poor condition, it could take longer to tell.

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