A blog is a kind of website that concentrates on written content – these contents are usually referred to as blog posts.

These blog posts vary due to the different writers’ perspectives. Most times, bloggers have been known to write personal experiences about specific areas of their lives.

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Let’s get started!

It is no wonder that many thriving bloggers write about different topics on their blogs. One exciting part about being a blogger is that you don’t have to be an expert in your chosen niche to have a successful blog. All that is needed to have a successful blog is passion and consistency.

There are various reasons people go into blogging – to share their stories, market their brands or businesses, find a befitting community, or make money remotely. No matter the reason for starting a blog, one thing is vital and compulsory. You must write about something you are interested in so that your visitors/readers can see through your genuineness and become regulars.

So, if you are thinking about creating a blog, there is no time like the present. Your blog can be created and started as a professional with these simple steps.

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1 How to Pick a Blog Name

Choosing a name that best suits and describes your blog is essential. This part is one you cannot escape, and you should do it with utmost care. Your blog name should be unique and descriptive enough to tell visitors that you know what you are doing.

Also, it is essential to note that you can’t use punctuation or spaces while creating your name. The only thing that can be added for creativity is the dash.

Checking registration

Once you find the name you like, you may come across difficulties like it being registered already. However, do not agonize over it because there are ways to tweak it so that you don’t have to begin the name hunt all over again.

First, you can add dashes between specific characters to make them seem different. Another method is adding a word to precede your chosen name – words like best, the, my, or a are some to use. In addition, you can also change things a little by giving it a different domain extension. You can try the .com or .net version if the .org version has been taken. So, you see that you shouldn’t just give up but try other ways to make do with what you’ve come up with.

Another thing is to make sure that your blog name is descriptive enough. You can achieve this by including some significant keywords of the whole idea of your blog into the name. Your blog name is the first thing visitors notice, so make sure it is attractive enough to make readers visit your blog.


Getting Your Blog Online

After giving your blog the perfect name, the next thing is to get your blog online. This usually sounds overly technical, but it is simple to achieve when you follow the proper steps. It would be best to have blogging software and blog hosting to get your blog up and running. The juicy part is that these two things are usually a 2-in-1 package.

The blog host

While the blog software helps to build a blog, the blog host, on the other hand, helps store all files for your blog and presents them to users when your blog name is searched. You can search for the ideal blogging software and blog host, and you are good to go. You can check out some great blogging platforms and blog sites.

Register your blog, get your hosting, and you can start your blog in no time.

2 How to Customize Your Blog

At this point, you have logged in using your domain name and set the password. Once you are in, you get the choice to make changes to wherever you want on your blog. There are different layouts and designs on blog software to suit an individual’s taste. These changes can be made with just a few clicks.

You can begin by selecting a free blog design template and modifying it to your preference. You can begin with something as straightforward as changing your theme before going into other complex customization.

The point of this is to construct the outlook of your blog to reflect the image you want to pass across to readers/visitors.

Poshmark example

3 Write and Publish Your First Post

There are certain things to write and include asides blog posts. These things help assure readers that you are human and not a robot. They include a biography summary, contact page, disclaimer page (if you monetize your blog), privacy policy (if you collect data from your visitors), and terms of service (if your blog sells services).

Your first content

Now that your blog is running, it is time to deliver your first content. This is one of the main aspects that will get visitors to visit your blog to enjoy a good read. At this point, you share your thoughts and experiences with the world.

Your blog needs to have a title, and then the engaging content comes. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add an original image or two to give a physical picture of what the write-up is all about. Define your content and make sure that it is long enough. However, please don’t write it all in a go, do well to break them down in bits.

Further, engage your readers, post original content and ensure that you edit your work properly to avoid typos. You can use Grammarly for the error checks.

4 The Essentials of Promote Your Blog

You do not have to stop just writing unique content on starting your blog. There is the need to make others aware of the existence of your blog by promoting it. There are different ways to accomplish this, and they are not difficult to follow.

You can use your social media, inform family and friends, interact with your readers, post regularly, optimize your blog for search engines, and read & comment on others’ blogs. Ensure that you do all or some of these things to help promote your blog and get people constantly visiting in no time.

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5 Make Money Blogging

Blogs have the potential to earn you some extra cash, but you need to be intentional and serious about this. After all the grind you have put into starting your blog, you can easily make money off your blog. Also, you shouldn’t expect lots of money to pour in during the first couple of weeks.

It could take months before your blog can serve as a steady source of income, so be patient, consistent, and dedicated. The following are some things you can sell on your blog to monetize it;

All of these are ways to create traffic on your blog to make money.


Now that you’ve got your blog started, all you need to do is keep writing, interacting, and engaging to make it a success story. Why haven’t you started a blog? As long as you are passionate about it, there is no stopping you!

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