More and more people make their purchase in the comfort of their home, this development did not only make buying of goods as easy as clicking buy on you tab, but has also serve as a means to making extra income for people that needs a side hustle to compliment their daily job.

If you really want to make the most out of Instacart as a side hustle, then these powerful and effective tips are just for you

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Tips to earn more on Instacart

With over 9 million users and 500.000 shoppers over the US and Canada , Instacart guarantees a minimum pay between 7$ to 10$ for shopping and fulfilment , based on your location. If you are yet to join then here is a chance for you to join and make the most of Instacart.

Below are practical tips to help you earn the most on Instacart.

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Go To A Location With High Demand

Also one of the valuable tips that has proven very effective over time is to be selective when choosing batches

“The key is to wait to take orders until they make you about $30 per hour”,says one shopper

He also advised to consider the number of the item in the cart and the distance of delivery

You can choose to go a very short delivery distance cause the faster you deliver a batch the more you’re open to another batch.

Get Peak Hours Pay Boost

This period of peak boost is a great opportunity for you to make extra earnings as Instacart gives incentives to every shopper

in that it increases the Cost for batches up to $12 per mile. Although this increase varies based on location, however instacart app has been set to notify you about peak hours before your shift. You should always set your alarm to remind you to claim your peak hours Pay boost so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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Increase Your Customer Ratings

Another way to earn immensely on instacart is to get a couple of five star reviews from your clients

With a five star review, you get the chance to view and accept batches before anyone else does

As a top rated shopper, you get the chance to accept best offers before someone else even get to see it

By this you can choose the most easy and high paying batches that suit you.

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Be Quick

Punctuality, they say, is the sole of business.

This also apply to making delivery on Instacart the faster you can deliver the better

One super tip that can enhance your delivery time is to study and master the store layout.

The better you can find your items the faster you can leave to deliver.

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Double Check The App

Often times, you have to reload the app to view new orders. This way, you sure won’t miss out on orders.

Moreover, it will open you to new orders that offer higher pay than the previous ones which may be a low pay. One way to make sure of this is to stay online, try go with you tab and your charger to keep you active on the go.

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Refer Your Friends

The last on the list today may sound funny but it’s true and that is you get paid for inviting your friends.

If your friends or family member wish to get paid shopping, then you can introduce them to this great opportunity.

After they sign up using your referral link, they immediately get a $10 welcome bonus while you get $10 too when they complete their first delivery.

You can refer as many as you like as this will increase your chance of earning for example if you refer 5 people one day then that’s an extra $50 added to your account when they complete their first delivery.

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These tips , if properly followed, works like magic and is sure to work for you if you’re just starting or you have been in the game for long and want to increase your earnings

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